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Zoofest is a bilingual festival, founded in 2009, that puts forward a programming dedicated to the discovery of emerging talents in the worlds of comedy, music, theater, storytelling, magic and many other forms of art and entertainment.

Its goal? Create unique experiences, which will not be forgotten; experiences that make you think, feel and, especially, grow.

Experimental, multi-genres and international, Zoofest offers an eclectic and crazy programming. It is somewhat the frosted side of the Just For Laughs Festival. Our scouting team combs artistic productions around the world, retaining in our nets only the more extravagant, even disturbing, which then will be seen by tens of thousands of spectators.

Thanks to the diversity and creativity of the event, Zoofest’s spectators are particularly adventurous and open to all forms of art. Over the years, our festival goers have become more curious (good for them) but also more demanding (good for us).

Zoofest is also a window on the world and its culture. In addition to proudly represent the talents of Quebec and Canada, Zoofest brings together artists of the United States, England, Australia, France and Belgium.

All at affordable prices, during the month of July, the craziest summer month of Montreal!

Zoofest presents its 5th edition from July 4 to 28, 2013.


Mandate of the festival

• Make culture accessible, affordable, and easily consumable.
• Allow up-coming artists to gain recognition through social media.
• Allow up-coming artists to meet and perform in front of new audiences.
• Discover today, the best of the new.


Zoofest also wishes to thank the Government of Canada, Tourisme Québec and Tourism Montréal for their support and trust which are essential for its growth and renewal. The Festival is also a proud member of Montréal Festimania and is happy to be part of the Quartier des spectacles’ development.

 Zoofest wishes to thank its sponsors: Videotron, Couche-Tard, Sloche, Sleeman, Scion, SiriusXM, Just For Laughs, Bite Size Entertainment and La Vitrine.



2 St Catherine St Montreal, QC H2X 1K4

(514) 285-4545