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Strong of four previous editions which strenghten its reputation as one of Montreal’s main festival, Zoofest now offers to promoters from everywhere in Quebec and in Canada the opportunity  to present the best of emerging artists from here and abroad. Recognize as the first talent scouting in comedy, theatre, tale and cabaret, the new booking agency Zoofest Tournées is here to present tomorrow’s biggest stars !

Created after the request of the festival’s performers, Zoofest Tournées has for mission to promote the shows of the artists who won the honours during their appearance in the festival. Keeping in mind the founding idea of the event, which is to be a springboard for emerging performers, Zoofest Tournées will support the careers of these future stars by making them travel all across Quebec, searching for new audiences.You can contact the Zoofest Tournées Agency today for your needs in shows, festivals, events, or any other need in entertainment. 

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2 St Catherine St Montreal, QC H2X 1K4

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